Cinnabon Releases a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cinnamon Bun

Monday, December 4th, is National Cookie Day.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 01, 2017

Image: Cinnabon

There’s nothing like a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, with its buried, molten cocoa mounds waiting to explode from their hiding places with each bite. Now, pair that squishy image with the soft pliability of a cinnamon roll, and you’ve got a curiously intriguing treat.

That’s exactly what Cinnabon is bringing to the table for National Cookie Day, which (if you didn’t know, because why would you) is on Monday, December 4th. The “BonBite” is a sweet dessert (or is it breakfast—you decide) which features a cinnamon roll enveloped in a chocolate chip cookie. Frankenfood has never looked so warm and inviting.

In addition, anyone who buys the BonBite (which retails for $2.99 per piece, or for $9.99 per half-dozen) will get a free eight-ounce bottle of Fairlife milk, which is lactose-free, and which contains 50 percent more protein, 30 percent more calcium and 50 percent less sugar than regular milk. We’re about to dunk so hard that you might just mistake us for Michael Jordan.

“The Cookie BonBite is one of our yummiest examples of creativity to come out of the innovation kitchen," said Jill Thomas, Cinnabon’s VP of global marketing. "The delicious Cookie BonBite joins two extraordinary baked goods to create an unexpected out-of-this-world flavor combination not to be missed!”

Looks like Cookie Monster is going to be waiting on the edge of his seat all weekend for this revolutionary hot bite. Meet him at any mall bakery to get your own, while supplies last.

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