Chrissy Teigen Leaves $1,000 Tip at Outback Steakhouse

She must have really enjoyed her Bloomin’ Onion.

By Ethan L. Johns
November 06, 2017

Waiting on a celebrity diner can be an exciting, stressful or sometimes lucrative experience for a restaurant server. For one waitress at an Ohio Outback Steakhouse last month, it turned out to be all three.

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Mikayla Scott, 21, had the celeb experience of a lifetime at the end of October when American model (and cookbook author) Chrissy Teigen sat down in her section. Teigen’s posse (which included her daughter Luna) ordered the chain restaurant’s signature Bloomin’ Onion—along with a chicken sandwich and other appetizers—before departing and leaving a whopping $1,000 tip.

She had been warned by her colleagues that she might be getting a big tip from her diners, but she reportedly never expected that she would be receiving such a large gratuity—just over 515 percent— for the table’s bill of $193.81.

Teigen must have particularly enjoyed that Bloomin’ Onion, which she is known to like so much that Outback Steakhouse once sent one of its chefs to teach her and her husband, John Legend, how to prepare it.

Scott shared some of the gargantuan tip with her coworkers and plans to use the rest to fix the car she shares with her husband, who also works at the Outback Steakhouse as a cook.

Though Scott told that the experience was "awesome," one thing is likely: 18 percent will never feel quite the same again.

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