A Purr-fect Valentine's Day Spread for Your Inner Cat Lady

This Valentine's Day, embrace your destiny and go find the one ... at your local animal shelter.

By Christine McConnell
February 02, 2018

In movies, TV and commercials, Valentine's Day is usually a celebration of love and romance. Some guy who is comically good looking makes some grand gesture and the heroine finds herself awash in gifts, jewelry and validation.
In reality, most of us spend the 14th of February wondering what the hell we did wrong? Should you find yourself in the latter category, I have a solution for you! As a third-generation cat lady, I can tell you that all of the love and affection you'll ever need is just waiting for you to pick it up ... at the pound. 

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Go Ahead, Treat Yourself

As for the gifts, chocolates and jewels? I say you make that stuff yourself! After all, you know what you like and what you don't. 

Dark Chocolate Cat Cookie Box

To kick off my cat lady-inspired celebration, I created an intricately-detailed dark chocolate cookie box embellished with isomalt jewels and cat eyes, curling tails and cute little chocolate paws, all held together with sinfully-sweet royal icing

Fitting Fillings

Now, what to fill that epic candy box with? Take your pick from my recipes for gooey caramel pecan candies, boozy dark chocolate bourbon bonbons, or addictive almond coconut rum clusters. And if you're really feeling yourself this holiday, make all three!

Chocolate Goals

I hope these over-the-top treats inspire you to actually enjoy this holiday for once by making yourself something incredibly beautiful and giving your love to someone who really deserves it, aka 6-12 feral cats.

A Valentine's Day for the Rest of Us

And if this sweet chocolate spectacle still doesn't make you happy, well, at least you've always got your furry friends. 

Get the recipes:
Dark Chocolate Cat Cookie Box
Isomalt Jewels
Royal Icing
Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bonbons
Caramel Pecan Bonbons
Almond Coconut Rum Clusters

About Christine McConnell

Artist, photographer, baker and author of the cookbook, Deceptive Desserts.