Canadian Woman’s Lost Ring Got Real Friendly With a Carrot

This diamond Odysseus returns home on its carrot ship.

By Ethan L. Johns
August 17, 2017

Image: CANADIAN PRESS/HO, Iva Harberg

August 17, 2017 — In this week’s wacky headlines, a lost engagement ring finds its way home via vegetable after spending 13 years underground. Mary Grams, 84, of Camrose, Alberta wore her engagement ring for more than 50 years before she lost it in her garden in 2004 while pulling weeds. Recently, the ring was unearthed along with a carrot, around which it was uncomfortably wrapped.

One can only imagine the trauma of the situation: using every drop of ingenuity and cunning it had, the ring befriended a baby carrot. As that baby carrot grew bigger, it thought it might like to try the ring on for size. As the carrot discovered, it didn’t fit for long. According to a neighboring tree, these things just never last. “It’s hard to maintain friendships with inanimate objects,” it said, “I once tried to reach through a chain-link fence, and now we’re stuck together for life.”

The farm has been in Grams’ family for over 100 years, so when her granddaughter, Colleen Daley, pulled up the heroic carrot, she knew immediately that the ring belonged to either her mother or grandmother. Grams and her family were excited to find, once the carrot was sliced, that the ring still fit perfectly on her finger.

Looks like we have another reason to eat our veggies.

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