California Bear Drinks Margarita & Hits the Hot Tub

Nothing like some good, fuzzy R&R.

By Ethan L. Johns
July 03, 2018

Anthropomorphization is seen by some to be a flaw of logic: animals are not humans and cannot be reasonably expected to act like us. Yet, sometimes they leave us very little choice in the matter.

Like on Monday, when a black bear clambered over the fence into Mark Hough’s suburban backyard in Altadena, California, and made itself right at home, per an Associated Press report.

Hough, who had just sit down outside with a margarita, was startled and ran inside, but eventually emerged with a camera when he noticed the bear exhibiting some pretty peculiar behavior.

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The bear entered Hough’s in-ground hot-tub, and passed a few minutes bobbing around, cleaning its face and playing with bubbles and the chlorine filter.

Sufficiently relaxed, the bear climbed out of the hot tub and waddled over to the margarita that Hough left outside. It knocked the glass over, then proceeded to lap up the contents of the glass. Because who would say no to a post-jacuzzi cocktail?

The bear then disappeared, only to be spotted by Hough an hour later up in a tree, taking a nice nap. Poor guy must have overdone it on the tequila.
Is there a lesson to be learned here? Perhaps it’s just that bears may be more similar to us than we thought.

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