Kid-Friendly Brunch: How to Build a Rainbow Breakfast Smorgasbord

Need a knockout theme for your next kids' party? Three words: Bring the color. This rainbow-bright breakfast extravaganza will have all the kids in the neighborhood lining up for seconds—and don't worry, it's a cinch to pull off.  Here's how to get started.

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Kids will go crazy for this festive spread of sweet and savory dishes that boasts all the colors of the rainbow. The best part? It's just as fun for adults, making it a party that the whole family can get behind. 


To start, rev up the old imagination and have your kids board the decoration train. A simple rainbow backdrop is easy to create with craft paper or streamers, but if arts and crafts isn't your strong suit, simply hang colorful lanterns from the ceiling. Want to go all out? Festoon your wall with streamers and lanterns, winning yourself the title of best rainbow brunch host ever. 

Now, what do you serve at this epic rainbow feast?

Rainbow Sweet Rolls

Say goodbye to your standard cinnamon buns. Once you’ve made these rainbow sweet rolls with a touch of cinnamon you'll never go back to boring brown buns. Hosting a rainbow birthday bash? Just top these rolls with a simple glaze and sprinkles to serve them as an extra-special birthday cake. Get the Recipe >>

Rainbow Smoothies

After one sip, your kids will happily ditch milkshakes and start begging for these fruit- and veggie-filled drinks instead. Each colorful layer contains wholesome fruits that will keep your kids (and guests) slurping all day long. Get the Recipe >>


Rainbow Waffles

Rainbow stacks of pancakes are irresistible, but waffles are even better. Syrup settles into every cranny of these color-swirled stacks, meaning they're just as much fun to eat as they are to look at. Get the Recipe >>

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

No breakfast buffet is complete without fruit, but why serve a sad, soggy fruit salad when you can offer skewers in every color of the rainbow? These are especially fun for kids to help construct with marshmallow clouds serving as a sweet bonus at the bottom. Get the Recipe >>

Rainbow Quiche

Don't worry, we didn't forget the eggs! Perfect for picky eaters, each mini quiche contains just one veggie — so pepper and potato lovers won’t mind when mom and dad gobble up all the blue quiches (filled with blue cheese crumbles). Get the Recipes >>


Now that the lanterns are hung and the rainbow snacks are ready, all that's left to do is invite over kids and adults alike to enjoy this vibrant breakfast extravaganza!

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