Boston & Philly Bakeries Declare War Before Super Bowl

Bye-bye Boston cream doughnuts.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 25, 2018

Image: Oxana Nigmatulina/Getty Images

When a vegan doughnut shop in Philadelphia made some Super Bowl-themed menu changes in honor of their hometown team, it was all in good fun. But when a Boston bakery retaliated by banning Philadelphia cream cheese from its premises, things got a bit weird.

Dottie’s Donuts was so taken by the Philadelphia Eagles’ Sunday’s victory that they decided to celebrate with a doughnut. Thus, the “Eagles Fan on a Greased Pole” was created to pay homage to the city’s crazy football fans, and to the city’s use of Crisco to keep them on the ground. In passing, the doughnut shop also banned the Boston cream doughnut from its shelves, because, ew, New England Patriots.

Taking note of this culinary slight, Montilio’s Baking Company of Boston declared that it would immediately return all “Philadelphia-brand cream cheese products” and “all cream cheese from Pennsylvania,” according to the Boston Globe.

An eye for an eye?

Probably not. When the Philly Voice informed the bakery’s owner that Philadelphia cream cheese is not, in fact, made in Philadelphia, he reportedly produced an expletive before brushing the detail aside.

“We think it's a positive thing, to make a statement in our little way," he told them.

The Boston cream pie and its doughnut cousin are not necessarily made from ingredients that come from Boston either; it’s just that it’s the official dessert of the state of Massachusetts. Let the arrows of symbolism fly.

These shops aren’t the only ones participating in the inter-city football war. Looking to go for a stroll along Boston’s Charles River Esplanade while eating a Philly cheesesteak? Too bad. The Esplanade Association has banned both cheesesteak sandwiches and Philadelphia-brand cream cheese.

It has also banned “cracked copper bells,” bald eagles, Crisco and Sylvester Stallone.

Looks like Rocky will have to change his vacation plans.

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