Photo by: First Kitchen

The Bizarre Kit Kat Sandwich You Never Knew You Needed

Japanese fast food chains have seen their fair share of bizarre creations. Just take a peek at Burger King Japan’s black cheeseburger and you’ll know what we mean.

However, one new treat (if you want to call it that) might take the cake for the oddest fast food to come out of the East. Introducing the Kit Kat sandwich. Yep, that’s right: Kit Kat sandwich.

Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen are the masterminds behind the creation, which is quite literally just a Kit Kat between two slices of white bread and topped with whipped cream and orange peel. How could you go wrong?

The sandwich is available for a limited time only and costs a very reasonable US$1.81 (airfare to Japan not included). That, and the hit your dignity will probably take from eating a Kit Kat sandwich in public.

Or, if you’d rather give the sandwich a try in the privacy of your own home, simply make your own Kit Kats and shove between two pieces of wonder bread if you dare.

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