Bear Climbs into Woman’s Car, Eats Her Packed Lunch

Clearly everyone loves sandwiches.

By Becca Miller
July 13, 2018

Image: Ubiquitous Eye/Getty Images

Bears: they’re just like us.

The fuzzy creatures have been all over the news recently for mimicking typical human actions like drinking margaritas or taking a dip in the hot tub.

This week, a bear found its way back into the headlines when it climbed into a human’s minivan.

Carrie Watts, a nurse in Georgia, returned to her car to find what she believed to be a black cat. Much to her surprise, Watts quickly discovered that this creature was no cat.

Not only did the bear take a seat behind the steering wheel, it also helped itself to the Watts’ packed lunch, which she says, consisted of a sandwich, a cookie and a bag of chips.

It makes sense, considering that National Geographic classifies the black bear as a “opportunistic eater,” with a “taste for human food.”

An onlooker was able to snap some pictures of the bear peeking its head out of the car window, which appeared on Twitter later that day.

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Image: Berdnt Petersen/Twitter

The bear eventually left Watts’ car and climbed a nearby tree, giving Watts a chance to inspect the damage. The bear also tore up some papers and the carseats.

The moral of the story: close your windows when you leave your car. And maybe it’s time to invest in some bear-proof tupperware for our own packed lunches.

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