An 111-Cheese Pizza Steals World Record

Not the biggest or the heaviest, but the most varied. How cosmopolitan.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 23, 2018

Image: Guinness World Records

Of all the awards a pizza could win, this is not the first that would come to our mind. It’s not the biggest, nor is it the longest or the heaviest. What other records are left? Well… probably an infinite amount, depending on how creative you are, but this one won the record for being the most varied.

More precisely, it claimed the Guinness World Record for the “Greatest variety of cheese on a pizza,” clocking in at 111 different types of cheese.

Now that might seem like a lot of different cheeses, but when you think about all the different cheeses produced in neighboring France (246 different kinds, according to President Charles de Gaulle back in the 1940s) that’s not really much at all. What is impressive is the presentation: those 111 different cheeses were somehow all arranged on a standard-sized Neapolitan pizza crust, measured at just under 12 inches in diameter.

The total weight of the cheese was 288.6 grams (just over 10 ounces), meaning that each cheese weighed 2.6 grams (one tenth of an ounce). According to Guinness World Records, the cheeses included mozzarella, Emmental, Comté, Raclette de Chèvre and many, many more.

The record attempt was made in Berlin, Germany, by chefs Mirko Gazzari and Andrea Pellegrini at an Italian restaurant called Vadoli. The pizza was judged and measured at an event organized by German pizza delivery company and Assemble Entertainment GmbH. Once the record was confirmed, the pizza—and its nine cheese-heavy friends—were devoured by attendees.

If you’re trying to recreate a 111-cheese pizza, be warned: make your own. With each bite tasting different, they were most definitely not made for sharing.

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