ABC Might Turn Julia Child into a Superspy

The name’s Child. Julia Child.

By Ethan L. Johns
August 16, 2017

Image: Giphy

August 16th, 2017 — Julia Child might be best known for introducing America to the joys of French cooking, but a little-known aspect of her pre-Provençal past has been making waves in the mediasphere over the past couple of days. As it turns out, our favorite lady was a spy. Ok, so maybe not really a spy, but during the Second World War she worked as a typist for the Office of Strategic Services, which was a precursor to our second-favorite rogue US intelligence agency, the CIA.

Bazinga! When the writer Benjamin Brand discovered this, he used his love for Child’s TV show Cooking for the CIA (CIA in this case standing for the Culinary Institute of America) as inspiration for a “darkly comedic dramedy” which features a fictionalized Child running around as an undercover superspy.

Will she be infiltrating slaughterhouses and wine cellars? Collecting intel on the best secret boeuf bourguignon recipes? We may not ever know; the story has been bought as a spec, so it might not even see the light of day. But if Brand took any inspiration from Dan Aykroyd’s lovably clumsy character, we’ll be in for a real treat.

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