A ‘Game of Thrones’ Ice Hotel is Now Open in Finland

Pass the Hall of Icy Faces on your way to the Icy Dragon Bar.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 11, 2018

Image: Lapland Hotels

Pack your IKEA shag rugs à la Jon Snow, because you’re going to need as much insulation as you can get.

Winter is here, and this year’s annual SnowVillage in Lainio, Finland, has partnered with HBO Nordic to create an ice-cold experience for the most dedicated Game of Thrones fans, situated nearly 125 miles north of the Wall (more commonly known as the Arctic Circle). Opened in December, the SnowVillage—a series of igloos and tunnels, which is sculpted from 22,000 tons of snow and 386 tons of ice, and which has a footprint of over five acres—will be open to visitors until April 8th.

Winter warriors will be able to enter the lair of the blue-eyed White Walkers and bask in the artistry of dragons and the Iron Throne, all sculpted from crystal-clear ice. Whether having a cold drink at the Ice Bar or dining on a chilly chair in the Ice Restaurant, there’s a little something for everyone here. Romantics can even take advantage of an Ice Chapel for wedding ceremonies, which is perfect for couples who aren’t afraid of cold feet.

Don’t expect a toasty stay; temperatures inside of the hotel hover between 23 to 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Lapland Hotels, which operates the SnowVillage, calls it an ”enjoyable experience when wearing suitable winter clothing.” Though the bed frames are made of ice, the mattresses are very real, and guests are provided warm sleeping bags at night to keep them as toasty as a dragon’s flame.

Rooms in the SnowVillage are priced starting around $200, but for those who prefer the climate of King’s Landing, there are also cabin-style dwellings that will keep you toasty.

Long live the King in the North! Or, at least until his snow fortress melts come springtime.

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