A Bar Made Entirely of Legos is (Maybe) Opening in London

Could your city be next?

By Ethan L. Johns
January 16, 2018

Image: Thebrickbars

It’s been shown that beer can boost a drinker’s creativity. So what would happen if your bar table was covered in Lego bricks? What sort of magical creations would your tipsy self dream up?

Lego-lovers may soon be able to build the evening away with the small plastic toys at a traveling series of popups called “Thebrickbars” (formerly known as “Legobar”) slated to open in London this spring.

The centerpiece of the bar will be the bar itself, which reportedly is to be made from a million Lego pieces. The space will be decked out with Lego sculptures and a DJ will be spinning tunes, creating a danceable vibe for people wearing shoes, because they wouldn’t want to step on any of those sharp-cornered pieces. It goes without saying, naturally, that there will be colorful bricks for your building pleasure.

The pop-up’s website originally stated that it was in no way affiliated with Lego, though with an increase in press coverage, it has since changed its name and removed all references to the Danish toy company, taking a cue from other lawsuit-averse pop-ups like “Darkside Bar.”

Lego has responded to the idea of a building block bar, saying more or less that it is not interested in the business of adult beverages:

“As a manufacturer of children’s toys, it is not within our remit to partner with brands or individuals operating the food and beverages sector,” Lego told Eater. “Our primary focus is on inspiring and developing children through providing fun and engaging play materials.”

The pop-up’s website was not functioning at the time of publication.

If Thebrickbars succeeds in actually pulling off their Lego bar, customers might also expect to see the bar travel to Los Angeles and New York, as well as to Montréal, Vancouver, Toronto, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Can’t stand the uncertainty? Gather up some friends at your place, pour a few brews and bust out all the Legos you never had the stomach to throw away. Oh, and be sure to make a Lego cake.

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