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Finally: A Peanut Butter Cup Big Enough to Fulfill Our Chocolate Cravings For Life

440-Pound Peanut Butter Cup Breaks Guinness World Record

If you think you may have the world’s biggest sweet tooth, we might have found just the right treat for you. The Candy Factory, a Los Angeles chocolate shop, just broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest peanut butter cup with a truly epic 440-pound creation

The champion chocolate cup, which had to be molded by the team of 12 in a kiddie pool after workers couldn’t find a big enough bowl, used a whopping 320 pounds of chocolate and 120 pounds of peanut butter, demolishing the old record of a downright puny 250 pounds.

Once Guinness officially verifies the record, the massive candy concoction will be broken up and sold for $25 a piece, with proceeds going to charity.

In case you’re not quite ready to plunge into a pool-sized cup of chocolate and peanut butter, we suggest satisfying your sweet tooth by making your own miniature versions at home.

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