14 Throwback Snacks You Totally Forgot Existed

Remember these so-bad-they-were-good snacks from the 80’s and 90's? We sure do. Food.com is throwing back to the glory days, one absurd treat at a time.

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Wax Bottle Candy

Did it matter that these syrup-filled candies sort of made you feel like you were chewing on an ear plug? Absolutely not. They were shaped like mini bottles, and they were DELICIOUS.


Rainbow Chips Deluxe

These cookies were given their Deluxe name for a reason. Why would you pick regular chocolate chip cookies when you have the option of rainbow M&M’s? Exactly.


Let’s be honest, real fruit is for chumps. Crunchy little candies shaped like fruit…now that makes sense.

Pop Rocks

No one would dare question why these candies seemed to explode when eaten; that would just ruin the magic.



It sort of seems like this was an evil parental ploy to get children eating their yogurt, but it so doesn’t matter. The inexplicable satisfaction of eating creamy-goodness from a plastic tube makes it seem like the real joke was on anyone still eating yogurt from a cup.

Fruit By The Foot

The ultimate way to achieve lunchroom popularity? Sharing the jokes on the wrappers of these fruit-flavored snacks.


If a kangaroo wearing a backwards hat tells you to dip cookies in icing, you just do it. Especially if the icing is filled with rainbow sprinkles.


Moon Pies

Is it a pie, a cookie or a s’more? Who says it can’t be all three?

Hoodsie Cups

Thank you Hoodsie for settling the old chocolate vs. vanilla debate, and giving the people what they want: Both.


This was a lazy parent's dream come true. Lunch was packed in an instant, and kids never complained.


Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

This gum was like the gift that kept on giving…until someone found a nice pink wad hidden under the kitchen table.

Fun Dip

Let’s just call this throw back snack what it is: An acceptable way to dip sugar in more sugar, and then eat it.

Fruit Stripe Gum

This double-duty sweet offered three blissful seconds of chewing pleasure, and a day's worth of trying to decipher what the free tattoo looked like once it was imprinted on your tongue.


Easy Cheese

It’s easy, it’s cheesy and it has a bacon flavor. What more do we need to say?

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