12 Picnic-Friendly Earth Day Snacks to Devour Outdoors

Earth Day isn’t just about hippies playing hacky sack and dry-as-dust granola bars. It’s about getting outdoors and picnicking like a pro. Environmentalists agree, the planet’s better off when we’re eating fresh, portable, poppable snack foods. So as Will Smith says after punching a slippery alien in Independence Day, “welcome to Earth.”

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Mango, Mozzarella & Serrano Ham Bites

Perfectly cubular and satisfyingly ham-ular, these cheesy bites tick all the right boxes on a picnic snack checklist. They’re sweet, salty and creamy, and invite you to join a rousing game of edible Tetris. Get the Recipe >>>


Mini Chicken Caesar Salad Cups

Muffin pans: making miniature dreams reality since the 19th century. Buttermilk biscuit cups: making Caesar salad gloriously utensil-free since—now. Hail, Caesar! Get the Recipe >>>

Pizza Popcorn

Sorry mini bagels, pretty sure the song actually goes, “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime. When pizza’s in your popcorn, you can eat pizza anytime!” Yep, nailed it. Get the Recipe >>>

Cherry Cheesecake Cake Pops

Cherry chip cake tousled with cream cheese frosting, dunked in melted chocolate? It’s anybody’s guess how many pops equal an entire cake, so pop till you drop, folks. Just discreetly recycle the pile of empty popsicle sticks before they give you away. Get the Recipe >>>


Mini Muffaletta Kabobs

Face it, muffalettas are all about that base—meaning the juicy filling. Skewer those savory meatlets, splash ‘em with Italian dressing and aim for a direct deposit into your gaping gob. Get the Recipe >>>

Nacho Kale Chips

Insert “nacho average something” joke here. Getting down to brass tacks, these chili powder and cumin-battered kale chips are legit, and will save you from spending all your money on laughably undersized portions at the health food store. Get the Recipe >>>

Funfetti Fudge

Let your funfetti flag fly, y’all. Three super-chill ingredients combine to form this chewy slab of rainbow delight, and it’s just begging to go outside and frolic in a field of wildflowers and prancing unicorns. Get the Recipe >>>


BLT Bites

Shun utensils, save the Earth. That’s the thinking behind these crimson tomato baubles brimming with BLT fixins, right? Cute as a little bacon-wrapped button. Get the Recipe >>>

Burrito Bowl Mason Jar Salad

Stuff it, shake it, eat it straight. Behold the beauty of a Mason jar layered with sauteed chicken, bacon fat-swabbed sweet potatoes and cilantro-lime quinoa, all ready to eat out of hand. Cue the sad, lumpy PB&J hanging its head in shame. Get the Recipe >>>

Mini Bagel Dogs

Pics or it didn’t happen: Make these smoky little sausages sing with from-scratch bread dough, then swaddle them up snugly and serve with dips a’plenty (aka cheese sauce). Get the Recipe >>>


Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

This utensil-less lifestyle could really catch on. Another triumph for kabobs everywhere, these skewered strawberry shortcakes keep your picnic ever-portable and—most importantly—chocolate-covered. Get the Recipe >>>

Bonus Earth Points: Sun Tea

When you team up with the sun, there can be two outcomes: sunburn or delightfully fresh sun tea. The second choice is way safer, so keep applying that sunscreen and let the sun king stick to brewing a family-size batch of lemon-infused tea while you get lazy. Get the Recipe >>>
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