To Die for Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

These are the BEST mashed potatoes EVER! And they are so user-friendly because you can make them the night before. I never take these anywhere without people begging me for the recipe. Once you make these, you will never want to make them any other way. Also great in twice-baked potatoes. And, if you need really easy, buy pre-cooked mashed potatoes, add from these ingredients, stir, and re-heat in microwave. Tastes almost as good as home-made! My favorite way to cook these are in the crockpot! EDIT: Please note that I have always cooked these in the crockpot and have never baked them; I have gotten new feedback that they taste FAR BETTER if cooked in the crockpot, so this is now my only recommendation for cooking source. Show more

Ready In: 2 hrs 45 mins

Serves: 8-10




  1. Boil potatoes until tender.
  2. Beat softened cream cheese and sour cream in mixing bowl.
  3. Add hot potatoes and beat until smooth, adding small amounts of milk as needed.
  4. Add butter, chives, salt, pepper and onion powder and beat until well-mixed.
  5. Add garlic, green onions, and marjoram and beat until well-mixed.
  6. Pour into either casserole dish or crockpot.
  7. Dot with additional butter and sprinkle with paprika.
  8. Bake for 25 minutes in 350°F oven or cook on low in crockpot for 2-3 hours. If cooked in crockpot, add a few additional drops of butter and stir, just before serving.
  9. Sprinkle with Bacon Bits or crumpled bacon just before serving.
  10. NOTE: Can be refrigerated overnight in either casserole dish or crockpot.
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