Sucanat is a registered trademark of Ragus Holdings, Inc. Sucanat stands for SUgar CAne NATural (SU CA NAT) and is made by crushing the sugar cane, extracting the juice then heating it. The juice is reduced to a dark syrup, then hand-paddled, creating dry porous granules called Sucanat. Sucanat is non-refined cane sugar. Unlike refined and processed white sugar, Sucanat retains its molasses content; it is essentially pure dried sugar cane juice. The juice is extracted by mechanical processes, heated and cooled at which point the small brown grainy crystals are formed. Sucanat is generally accepted as a substitute for brown sugar. Unlike regular brown sugar, sucanat is grainy instead of crystalline. Sucanat may be confused with Turbinado sugar; however, the two are fundamentally different. Turbinado sugar contains only a trace amount of its original molasses content, making it more or less like refined sugar except with a golden color and a hint of molasses flavor. Sucanat, on the other hand, retains its full molasses content and flavor, thus making it, as stated above, pure dried cane juice. Its grainy form also contrasts with the clear, crystalline form of Turbinado.




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