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Anejo Enchilado~ Originating in Mexico where it is used for making appetizers and enchiladas, this cheese is made from fat-free cow's milk and packed in burlap bags. Queso Anejo translates to "aged cheese". Both are rolled in paprika.

Bel Paese ~ Now factory made in Lombardy as well as the United States (Wisconson) Bel Paese is made into small discs with a thin shiny rind. The interior is pale, creamy yellow with a few small holes. It has a milky, buttery aroma and sweet flavor. To firm to spread, to soft to slice well, it pairs well with artisan crackers, crusty breads as well as fall fruits.

Halloumi~ Originally this Cypriot cheese was made from sheep's milk, flavored with shredded mint. Today it is made from cow's milk and produced in California, Australia and New Zealand. Haloumi is semi-firm, easily sliced and mild with an unmistakable aftertaste of mint. An unopened packaged will keep refrigerated for a year and also can be frozen.

Pepato~ Originating in Sicily, Pepato is a creamy white cheese dotted with black peppercorns. Although piquant, the cheese moistens and mellows the peppercorns and the flavor is not as intense as might be expected. The texture is hard and grainy.

Afuega'l Pitu~ Made from unpasteurized cow's milk and fresh red chili peppers, Afuega'l Pitu has an intensely nutty flavor.

Basket Cheese~ from the Middle East this cheese is as it's name suggests, basket shaped. It is circular in shape and salty in taste.

Blue Castello~ a "new blue" developed in the 1960's this Danish blue is mild and creamy, the aroma mushroomy. The taste is mildly spicy, the fat content is 70%.

Boulette d'Avesnes~ This cone shaped cheese is made from raw cow's milk that has been mixed with paprika, parsley, tarragon and pepper, then washed with beer. This cheese can be served with crackers and beer to crusty bread and red wine.

Brindamour~ also known as Brin d'Amour and Fleur du Maquis, this sheep's milk cheese is thickly coated with rosemary, thyme, savory, coriander seeds and juniper berries. It is often garnished with a few red chili peppers. When young the flavor is sweet, rich and creamy with strong tones of the herbs. At 2 months the flavor will have evolved to a predominately nutty, olivey, sheep's milk taste.

Bruder Basil, Rauchkase, Sebastian, Caram~ Hailing from Germany, these four cheeses are nearly identical smoked Trappist-style cheeses. Mild in flavor with a smoky creaminess they are smooth, firm yellow cheeses with small holes. Great snack cheeses that slice nicely and are also good melters.

Coeur de Camembert au Calvados~ This Norman cheese is a round, soft white variation of ripe Camembert. The rind is removed from a semi-cured Camembert then soaked in Calvados, and fresh breadcrumbs are pressed into it. Finishing it off a walnut garnish is added. This makes for a good choice in dessert cheese or with slices of apples and pears.

Danbo~ A popular Danish cheese, Danbo is mild and slightly aromatic. It has a pale, elastic interior with a few holes. It sometimes contains caraway seeds.

Dolcelatte~ means "sweet milk" describing the delicious, sweet taste of this cheese. If you find traditional blue cheeses to strong Dolcelatte will appeal to you. It can be served either as an appetizer or dessert. Try it crumbled on top of salads or with pear slices.

Excelsior~ A soft, double-creme cheese, Excelsior is made in small dairies around Normandy. It is distinguished by its irregular, cylindrical shape, firm texture and mild, almond flavor. Gaperon~ Sometimes featuring peppercorns, garlic adds an even more pungent flavor to this cheese. Slightly salty and buttery, it tastes of garlic and pepper. Gaperon stands on it's own with a robust bread, salad, and wine for a casual dinner.

Le Roule~ Made from fresh cow's milk, Le Roule boasts a distinctive green swirl of herbs and garlic. Other combinations feature salmon and dill, chives, and strawberries. A Traditional table cheese, it serves well for baking and spreading.

Leyden~ also known as Leidsche Kaas, this is a Dutch cheese made from cow's milk. It is made in flat wheels and has either cumin or caraway mixed into the curd. It is firm in texture and mild in flavor. Factory made Leyden has a wax rind, otherwise the rind is rubbed with annatto to give it a deep, orange-red color. Excellent with ham, onions, mustard...............and cold beer!

Liptauer~ going from mild to hot, Liptauer was developed from a simple, white sheep's milk cheese called Liptoi. Hungarians add onions, caraway seeds, capers, anchovies or other ingredients to the curd, with varying amounts of paprika.

Nokkelost~ this Norwegian cheese is also known as Kuminost. It is a mild, factory made cheese similar to Dutch Leyden. A semi-firm cheese it is usually spiced with caraway, cumin and cloves. The rind is coated with red paraffin. Try Nokkelost with potatoes.

San Simon~ San Simon comes from the northern coast of Spain. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk that is hardwood smoked to a rich, walnut color. This process adds a smoky, woody taste to the buttery quality of this cheese. Serve with fruits and raw vegetables to pies, tarts and cobblers, much like cheddar.

Sapsago~ comes from eastern Switzerland near Liechtenstein. Sapsago is a fat-free novelty cheese made by turning fat-free cow's milk into curd. The curd is pressed, dried, then ground into powder. This powder is then mixed with fenugreek and a local wild clover, creating a unique flavor and pale green color. This is then pressed into molds and is used as a grating cheese. It has a sharp, herbal taste.

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