Rice vermicelli

These noodles come in dried form and are similar to bean thread noodles but made with rice flour instead of mung bean starch and are longer in length. Rice vermicelli requires no cooking. Soaking in hot water for 10 to15 minutes will soften the noodles. They can then be boiled if desired but very briefly, only about 2 minutes, and rinsed well. Alternately, dried noodles can be fried briefly to use as a bed for stir fries or salads or the fried dry noodles can be crumbled to use as a crunchy addition to various dishes. Thai = sen mee Chinese= mi fen, mei fun, mee fun Japanese = mai fun, maifun Tagalog = pancit bijon, pancit bihon, bijon, bihon, bihoon Vietnamese= banh hoi, Malay = bee hoon, beehoon


available year-round

Popular Rice vermicelli Recipes