A dried plum. Prunes are sweet with a sticky, chewy texture. Any plum can be used to make a prune, but European plums with the most sweetness, flavor and firmness are the best choice. Although prunes are delicious, they became associated with old age and sluggish gastrointestinal tracts, hurting their popularity. In an effort to overcome this stigma, prunes are also being marketed as "dried plums."




available year-round

How to select

Choose prunes that are blemish-free and slightly soft and flexible with a blue-black skin.

How to store

Keep in a cool dry place or refrigerate up to 6 months.

Matches well with

almonds, apricots, Armagnac, balsamic vinegar, brandy, cinnamon, cream, currants, Kirsch, lemon, nuts, oranges, pears, port, rum, sherry, sugar, walnuts, wine

Popular Prune Recipes