Pomona's Universal Pectin

Pomona's Universal Pectin is a sugar-free, low-methoxyl citrus pectin that is activated by calcium. Pomona's Universal Pectin is derived from the peel and pulp of lemon and lime, and to a minor extent orange and grapefruit. Citrus peel is a by-product from juice and oil pressing and contains a high proportion of pectin. Since it does not require sugar to jell, jams and jellies can be made with less, little, or no sugar (making it perfect for diabetics and low-carbers). Some other possible sweeteners are honey, fructose, sucanat, concentrated fruit sweetener, maple syrup, agave, frozen juice concentrate, stevia, xylitol, Splenda and other artificial sweeteners. The only drawback is that the shelf life of jams and preserves without sugar is considerably shorter. The obvious benefit of using Pomona's pectin is a healthy, intensely fruity, and consistently gelled jam.


available year-round

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