Mimolette cheese

Pronounced: mee-moh-LET

Mimolette cheese is a very unusual cheese. It has a sphere shape, and its surface resembles that of a rough moon surface. It is very bright orange in color. It has a nutty flavor. When it is cut open it looks like a melon. This cheese originated in Holland and is made the same way Edam is made. It is said to have been introduced in France in the early 17th century. It is now made in Flanders France, and is known as Boule de Lille. The name mimolette comes from the word meaning mi-mou which meand hard-soft. The cheese is stored in cellars which are kept damp and it is turned once a week. Mimolette can be eaten young, but is usually aged 6 months. When it ages it gets harder, and the color becomes a bright orange. Mimlottee cheese comes from cow’s milk, and is similar to parmesan cheese. Available in specialty cheese shops, markets or possibly local grocery stores.


available year-round

Popular Mimolette cheese Recipes