Lactose-free brand names

Product formulas change often, and some brands' lactose-free classification may change. If you have new information on a product listed here, please let us know.

Lactose-Free Brand Name Products

Lovan 1 Minute Oats
Lovan Apricot & Almond Natural Muesli
Lovan Australian Gold Tropical Fruit Muesli
Lovan Fruit & Nut Natural Muesli
Lovan Gluten Flour
Lovan Honey O's
Lovan Lecithin Granules
Lovan Lecithin Meal
Lovan Light Rye Bread Mix
Lovan MultiFlakes with Tropical Fruit
Lovan MultiFlakes with Fruit & Nut
Lovan Natural Brown Rice Flour
Lovan Natural Oatbran
Lovan Natural Oatbran
Lovan Natural Muesli
Lovan Original Natural Muesli
Lovan Polenta
Lovan Rice Porridge with Orchard Fruits
Lovan Rice Flakes
Lovan Whole Grain Rolled Oats
Lovan Whole Grain Rolled Oats
Lovan Soy Flakes with Apricot & Almond
Lovan Wholemeal Plain Flour
Lovan Wholemeal Self-Raising Flour


available year-round

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