Pronounced: kohl-RAH-bee

Kohlrabi is a round green vegetable that grows just on top of the ground. Both the bulblike stem and greens are edible. Kohlrabi may look like a turnip, but its taste is very different, with a sweet, peppery, broccoli/cucumber flavor and crisp texture. The cooked leaves have a collard-like flavor. Two main types are grown in the U.S., white and purple. The "white," actually light green, is much the more popular although the purple variety is very attractive. In Europe, fancy varieties with frilled and deeply cut leaves are sometimes grown for ornament. "Kohlrabi" is a German word, Kohl meaning cabbage and Rabi meaning turnip.


available year-round

How to select

Choose a kohlrabi that is heavy for its size with firm, deeply colored green leaves. Avoid those with soft spots on the bulb or sign of yellowing on the leaves. Those under 3 inches in diameter are the most tender.

How to store

Refrigerate tightly wrapped up to 4 days.

How to prepare

You can chop it up and steam, bake, boil it or eat it raw. It is a crunchy addition to any salad. If you cook it try mixing it with half and half with carrots

Matches well with

bechamel sauce, butter, cream, hollandaise sauce, lemon, nutmeg, parley

Popular Kohlrabi Recipes