Pronounced gwah nah’ bah nah and better known as sour sop. This fruit is a member of the Annonaceae, apple, custard family. Grown from a small tree, which will grow as high as 20 ft. Dark green in color, with soft prickles. Commonly referred to as Cherimoya, custard apple or sweetstop. Thought to have originated in South East Asia by Spaniards, and now cultivated in the West Indies, Bali, the Philippines and tropical South America.
When ripened this fruit turns greenish/yellow and becomes soft. This fruit is growing in popularity. It flourishes year round but has its own peak season. They are classified by taste, sweet and sub acid, acid and by shape; round, oblong, angular or heart shaped. The seeds are never eaten. The creamy pulp is used in making of ice cream, and juice.


available year-round

How to select

This fruit is eaten fresh. It is sold in many Australian markets, available year round. Is mostly grown in the US in very hot climates such as Arizona. If your not able to find this in your local grocery store you may try a specialty shop or online.

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