Foie gras

Pronounced: FWAH GRAH

Although the literal translation is "fat liver," this French term generally is used for goose liver. Foie gras is the enlarged liver from a goose or duck that has been force-fed and fattened. After the bird is killed, the liver is soaked overnight in milk, water or port. It is drained then marinated in a mixture typically consisting of armagnac, port or madeira and various seasonings. The livers are then cooked. Goose liver is considered to be superior to duck liver, but all foie gras is very expensive. Foie gras has a delicate rosy color with mottlings of beige with a rich flavor and silky smooth texture. Pate de foie gras is 80% pureed goose liver that usually contains other foods such as pork liver, truffles and eggs. Mousse or puree de foie gras must contain at least 55% goose liver.




available year-round

How to prepare

Serve chilled with thin, buttered toast slices.

Matches well with

allspice, apples, artichoke hearts, brandy, cabbage, celery root, cherries, cinnamon, cloves, Cognac, currants, custard, garlic, grapes, lemon, lobster, mushrooms, nutmeg, nuts, onions, pepper, pistachios, pomegranates, port, raisins, shallots, star anise, tarragon, truffles, walnuts, wine

Popular Foie gras Recipes