This sweet syrup is often used in making tropical and Caribbean drinks. It contains the flavors: almond, ginger, and or cloves, lime and often vanilla or allspice. This syrup is used in the same way orgeat syrup is. The syrup is non – alcoholic, thick in consistency and white/amber in color, but will appear white or clear. Falernum can be dated back to the early 1700’s, but has only been in bar reference manuals since the 1930’s. Falernum is also a sweet liqueur/rum from Barbados. It is similar to an after dinner aperitifs and can be drank on the rocks or may be used in cocktails. Grenadine or orgeat can be used as a substitute, but will not have the same flavor or undertone as falernum will.


available year-round

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Popular Falernum Recipes