Is a French pudding. Clafoutis is uniquely named as the pits are left in the cherries (a botanical cousin of the almond) while baking as they contain amygdalin, the chemical that give almonds their distinctive flavor. Though subtle, the pits impart the distinctive flavor to clafoutis. Clafoutis,made with whole, unpitted cherries and often confused with flaugnarde (flangnarde) which is basically the same as a clafoutis with some other fruit (or no fruit-plain rich custard). It is made with fruits other than cherries. Clafoutis are a specialty dessert of the Limousin region of France, while it cousin, the flaugnarde comes from Auvergne, less often PĂ©rigord. Versatile enough to be served for breakfast, dinner, tea or brunch. Clafouti is well suited with many fruits, cherries and plums pair the best. Clafouti may also be served with corn or mushrooms. Best served straight from the oven, sometimes with cream added.






available year-round

Popular Clafouti Recipes