Bento means a single take out portion for take out meals. Traditionally consisting of rice, fish, or meat, plus one or more pickled or cooked vegetables. Readily available at convenience stores or specialty stores in Japan, it is a great skill of a Japanese wife.
Bento is made with a 4:3:2:1 ratio, 4 parts rice, 3 parts of your fish or meat, 2 parts vegetables and one part dessert.
Containers for the Bento can be mass produced or home made. Precautions should be taken when making a Bento. Most important being food poisoning, especially in the summer, any foods with sauces should be separated. If rice is used it should be cooled before hand. All foods should be cooked well and stored in a cool dry place.
Bento can be made to be very attractive using flowers, leaves or even dolls. There are several different types of Bentos you can make on your own. They have made a big comeback since the 1980’s.




available year-round

Popular Bento Recipes