10 Thanksgiving Turkey Horror Stories

Ever burned your bird beyond recognition? Or forgot to remove the plastic-wrapped giblets before roasting? You're not alone. Our brave home cooks share their funniest — and most tragic — turkey tales.
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  • Imprisoned Turkey

    Fail #7: Ignoring Oven Issues

    "The control panel on our oven started acting up before Thanksgiving, but I didn't worry about it. On Thanksgiving Day, while the turkey was roasting in the oven, the panel started blinking and then shot up super high and the oven door locked shut. We had to kill the circuit breaker and wait until the oven cooled down to unlock it. Dinner was a little late that year!" -Diane DeeDee

    Our Tip: Make sure your oven is in working order. Also, have plenty of appetizers on the big day — it makes waiting for dinner easier!

    Photo by cogdogblog

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