Ultimate Jewish Salmon Croquettes

By Loves Food on March 04, 2009

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    1. 2 (14 3/4 ounce) cans salmon
    2. 1/4 cup plain breadcrumbs
    3. 2 tablespoons sour cream ( Fat Free)
    4. 2 small onions ( Finely Chopped)
    5. 1 egg ( X-tra Large)
    6. 1/2 cup corn oil


  1. Drain and remove skin, bones from salmon in a bowl.
  2. Beat one egg in bowl.
  3. Mash salmon with fork.
  4. Add in egg and mash well into salmon.
  5. Add your finely chopped onion (mix).
  6. Add 2 TBS of sour cream (mix).
  7. Add in your bread crumbs (mix).
  8. If it is too wet, add a little more bread crumbs.
  9. Consistency when you put it on a spoon it doesn't slide off.
  10. Use a TBS to form little ovals and place in oil and fry until brown; flip over and push down with spatula to flatten it and fry on that side.
  11. Serve with sour cream, butter egg noodles, and vegetable.