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Now the only substitution I made was African Bird Pepper for Cayenne -- and allowing for that I used half as much (ABP is more interesting, maybe a little smokier?, than cayenne). Still, this was quite a fiery soup -- almost too much so for the DH (who might just be out of practice), although he still really liked it! Guess I'll back off a tad on the hot stuff next time. But we both enjoyed the combination of textures and flavors; and no, that tablespoon of molasses doesn't make it sweet at all, just balances everything out. I'm wondering how Cajun or Creole this really is given the absence of okra, but not being that big a fan of okra, who cares?! Will definitely make it again.

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l'ecole September 10, 2012

Very spicy soup! I used the ham as posted in the directions, and found that the cloves were a bit overpowering. I'd reduce the cloves to 1/8 tsp, but otherwise leave the flavors as is. I was very tempted to substitute okra for the green peppers....I'd like to add okra next time. Think it would really balance out the flavors! Enjoyed this on a chilly evening. Thanks for sharing! Made for Football tag.

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breezermom February 09, 2014

Very tasty soup, moderate spiciness (even after I mistakenly used 1/2 tsp. of cayenne instead of 1/8 tsp., although I increased slightly the celery, onion, and green pepper, and tripled the garlic for personal preference). This was a great way to use leftover ham, and I love thinking about the recipe's name while planning and cooking. Made for Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup tag game.

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KateL January 07, 2014

Delish! I made this as directed but used a smoked pork chop in place of the ham and substituted chili beans for the black-eyed peas. So simple and good. Thanks for sharing NorthwestGal. Made for ZWT9.

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lazyme July 18, 2013

Very yummy indeed. A spicy sausage was used in place of the ham and in place of all the spices listed a generous spoonful of Cajun seasoning. This is a delicious soup and something I will make for my daughter and family. My SIL loves spicy food. Made for ZWT9 - The Holy Trinity Cooking Challenge.

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PaulaG July 18, 2013

Oh boy this is an outstanding soup! Rich and hearty and so full of flavor! I had some leftover pulled pork so used that instead of the ham and it was a perfect fit with the other ingredients in the soup. Something that really intrigued me about this was the addition of the cloves - especially 1/2 tsp, it seemed like a lot. Surprisingly it did not overpower; in combination with the other spices it was very subtle and just added that little extra something both to the aroma and the flavor of the soup. Really loved this - thanks for sharing a keeper!

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loof January 16, 2013
Zydeco Soup