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I had a hard time with this recipe due to the measurements. I tried my best with several metric conversion websites, but the proportions were a bit off. Still, it was a nice hearty dish. The bacon added a very good touch. The egg/creme fraiche sauce was good although it made way too much. Next time, will cut down on the sauce and add a bit more seasoning. This is very much like a pizzaladiere. Thanks for posting!!!

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Jostlori September 20, 2012

My German BF and I made this together it was Amazing! We found some PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme and he says it is just the same as the creme fraiche :) we used 2 packages.

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Lillianh88 November 08, 2011

I can't follow this recipe because the measurements are not in teaspoons, tablespoons and cups. Sorry, I don't understand .08 of a lb. Please translate this into American measurements, because I need to make this onion cake.

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Isaac's Muddy October 23, 2010

Made this last night. I couldn't find creme fraiche and used sour cream instead. It came out tasting great.

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Dreamer in Ontario September 28, 2007

I made this Zwiebelkuchen last night, my father at it every fall and even though was not a drinker, he had a beer with it. What I would do different next time? I would give the onions a medium chop rather than rings. I would fry the bacon separately until it is crispy, frying it together doesn't do the job. I baked it 425 first for 30 minutes, it was not done then I added 15 more and when the toothpick came out clean it was done. It's best eaten when warm. I have the German measuring cup so conversion was easy except for the temperature, converting that would have had me heating the over to 437 degrees F, way too high. I did not look at the calorie content of one slice which is 864. I would try cutting the calories by using 2% milk but not sure what I could substitute for Crème Fraiche. If you are not a calorie counter go for it, it's a great cake and dough one of the easiest to make. I might use it for other things as well. It's fall, Zwiebelkuchen and a beer, I chose red wine will do the trick.

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potterandpoet_11344701 September 28, 2014
Zwiebelkuchen ( Southwest German Onion Cake)