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My first encounter with Zwiebelfleisch was 25 years ago at a great old, authentic German restaurant in Chicago, where I'm from. The restaurant owners retired finally and I was Zwiebelfleisch-less. Which began my quest to find the most perfect recipe that my taste buds remember. Molly, this is a fantastic recipe that I've made several times. Advise to those of you trying for the first time...1) use a thick good sirloin & slice that baby thin as you can. 2). After everything is cooked I put in a cast iron pan and put 4-5 slices of Swiss cheese on top, them put it in the broiler for 5 minutes until golden brown. Serve with egg noodles is a must, you have no choice. This is a simple classic & that can make any newbie cook appear as Julia Child. Many thanks for sharing Molly!

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Puddin June 19, 2014

This is very German, thats for sure! I used the round steaks and would choose next time to use a different type of meat. The meat wasnt extremely tough, however it wasnt even close to tender. the BF was a little wigged out by all of the onion at first, but i thought It turned out pretty good, even for a Newbie Cook like me! Made this for a Bargain Basement tag.

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MyMagicMoo August 13, 2009
Zwiebelfleisch (onion Beef)