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Recipe by Ninna

From Australian Woman's Weekly Italian Cooking Class Cookbook. I haven't made this yet but my daughter in law makes this dessert and it is amazing. The description in the cookbook says that the shape of the dessert is said to resemble the dome of Florence's famous church, the Duomo. I am guessing the preparation time as I am yet to make this - also haven't allowed for overnight refrigeration in prep. time.

Top Review by Lise in Indiana

This is very impressive, yet it really is simple - and it can be made ahead! A store-bought poundcake stood in for the sponge (easier to find in the U.S.) We loved the whipped cream filling studded with nuts, but it is also great substituting good-quality vanilla and chocolate ice cream for the whipped cream mixtures. Just soften the ice creams enough to add the nuts- they really are must in this "dome" Just remember to store it in the FREEZER, and let it soften in the fridge for 1/2 hour before serving. Thanks for posting this wonderful dessert recipe!

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  1. Cut cake in slices 1 cm (1/2") thick, cut each slice on the diagonal, making two triangular sections - this is so it will fit into 5 cup round based pudding basin.
  2. Combine brandy and Maraschino; carefully brush one side of each section of cake with this mixture.
  3. Place sections of cake unbrushed side against sides of tin, against the inside of.
  4. pudding bowl which as been lined with a layer of damp muslin; make sure the narrowest end of cake is on the bottom.
  5. Repeat process until the inside of the bowl is completely lined with cake; alternate crust and non-crust sides of cake to give striped effect; fill the gaps with pieces of moistened cake; trim edges of cake so they are level with top of basin; the left over cake will cover top when filled.
  6. Place almonds on oven tray, bake in moderate oven 5 minutes or until pale brown; remove from oven, cool.
  7. Chop almonds and hazelnuts roughly; chop 30g (1oz) chocolate, put aside; melt remaining chocolate in top of double saucepan over hot water.
  8. Whip together cream and sifted icing sugar until firms peaks form; fold nuts into mixture, divide mixture in half, fold chopped chocolate through one half and melted chocolate through the other.
  9. Spoon white cream mixture evenly over the entire cake surface, leaving a cavity in the centre of the bowl; spoon chocolate mixture into cavity.
  10. Moisten remaining cake with left over liqueur, arrange on top to cover surface completely; cover bowl and refrigerate overnight.
  11. Turn out carefully onto serving plate; if desired, dust top with combined sifted icing sugar and cocoa about one teaspoon of each.

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