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Quick pickles are some of my favorite recipes as I love home prepped food but am a tremendous failure at canning my own pickles. So I make mine one jar at a time, spacing them so the new one is ready as the old one is gone. That being said, this is not a true quick pickle in the sense I know them. They would need a bit more time in the refrigerator (a week or 2?). To me, this is more just a zuke salad, and a very zippy one at that! I agree with Sharon123 that some sugar or Splenda would go a long way in making these more fun to eat, sort of like a bread & butter pickle! So with a little sugar and a little more time to sit in the refrigerator, I think these just might turn out 5^^^^^. Thanks for sharing and sorry I am late getting this tag in. ~Sue

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Sue Lau June 26, 2008

When I first tasted these pickles I wasn't sure how much I cared for them. After letting them marinate overnight, I liked them! I decided to add about 3 tbls. sugar, I just decided I would eat them all that way, and enjoyed them even better. They were good dill pickles, it's just personal preference to sweeten them up just a bit. Thank you Annacia for a recipe I will make again. This would be great as a picnic offering!

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Sharon123 April 05, 2007
Zucchini Pickles