Zucchini Pancakes With Yogurt Dill Sauce

Total Time
Prep 25 mins
Cook 7 mins

A fancy and fun way to dress up zucchini! You could leave out the salmon and make it vegetarian. Good either way!

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  1. To make sauce: In a ceramic or plastic bowl, combine all ingredients, cover, and chill.
  2. (If you are making sauce in advance, add lemon juice just before serving, or yogurt will separate).
  3. To make the pancakes: Grate zucchini and potatoes on the large hole side of a hand held box grater or in a food processor fitted with shredding disk.
  4. Put the grated vegs in a bowl and add onion, olive oil, salt and pepper.
  5. Preheat oven to 300*.
  6. In a 7 1/2" nonstick omelet pan, heat 1 teaspoons of the veg. oil together with 1/4 teaspoons of melted butter over med. high heat until hot.
  7. Pour 3/4 cup of the grated vegs. and spread mixture to the edges of pan, pressing down firmly with a rubber spatula to form a pancake about 1/4" thick.
  8. Cook about 3 mins., until edges begin to brown.
  9. Gently lift pancake with the spatula to check underside. If deep golden brown in color turn or flip the pancake and cook 3 to 4 minutes more, until golden.
  10. Remove pancake to paper towel to drain, then transfer to a baking sheet.
  11. Place in oven to keep warm.
  12. Make more pancakes in same manner (add 1 teaspoons of oil and a bit of butter for each one).
  13. To serve, put a generous 1/4 cup of greens on 6 salad plates.
  14. Spread each pancake with 2 tbls. yogurt dill sauce, then put pancake on greens.
  15. Arrange 2 slices of salmon on top.
  16. Garnish with chives, lemon slices, pepper.
  17. Serve remaining sauce on the side.
Most Helpful

Outstanding Sharon123. I made this for a lunch with some of my girlfriends. We thought this was restaurant quality. The zucchini pancakes were nice and crisp. The yogurt sauce with dill was nothing short of scrumptious. I did as you suggested and placed pancakes on a bed of salad greens. I didn't serve with salmon but with some grilled boneless chicken cut into strips. It all looked so beautiful on the plates. I topped with some fresh chopped chives and pepper. Thanks so much ;D

ratherbeswimmin' September 20, 2002

Pancakes got a bit of a mixed review, sauce was a complete hit. Rereading the recipe, I think I may have made them just a bit too thick. The flavor was good, however. I did not use the salmon, as I wanted these as a different side for my pork chops this evening. I will try this again, paying a little more attention to the thickness of the pancake in the skillet.

duonyte May 15, 2012

Sharon123, this was delicious. I combined all the ingredients for the Yogurt Dill Sauce, including the lemon juice last night. I just whisked it all together before using...maybe I used a different yogurt?? I also used my mandolin to shred the zucchini and potatoes, combined the butter with canola oil and used two 7 1/2 inch non-stick pans. I'm not good at "flipping" in the same pan so I used advice from this site and flipped the "pancakes" into another hot pan. In my oven, which we all know everyone's is different, I could keep my "pancakes" warm at 175 degrees. Sharon123, this was so elegantly yummy, I'd say it is a "mother-in-law" winner!! Thank you for sharing!

Leslulu September 24, 2008