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Outstanding Sharon123. I made this for a lunch with some of my girlfriends. We thought this was restaurant quality. The zucchini pancakes were nice and crisp. The yogurt sauce with dill was nothing short of scrumptious. I did as you suggested and placed pancakes on a bed of salad greens. I didn't serve with salmon but with some grilled boneless chicken cut into strips. It all looked so beautiful on the plates. I topped with some fresh chopped chives and pepper. Thanks so much ;D

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ratherbeswimmin' September 20, 2002

Pancakes got a bit of a mixed review, sauce was a complete hit. Rereading the recipe, I think I may have made them just a bit too thick. The flavor was good, however. I did not use the salmon, as I wanted these as a different side for my pork chops this evening. I will try this again, paying a little more attention to the thickness of the pancake in the skillet.

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duonyte May 15, 2012

Sharon123, this was delicious. I combined all the ingredients for the Yogurt Dill Sauce, including the lemon juice last night. I just whisked it all together before using...maybe I used a different yogurt?? I also used my mandolin to shred the zucchini and potatoes, combined the butter with canola oil and used two 7 1/2 inch non-stick pans. I'm not good at "flipping" in the same pan so I used advice from this site and flipped the "pancakes" into another hot pan. In my oven, which we all know everyone's is different, I could keep my "pancakes" warm at 175 degrees. Sharon123, this was so elegantly yummy, I'd say it is a "mother-in-law" winner!! Thank you for sharing!

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Leslulu September 24, 2008
Zucchini Pancakes With Yogurt Dill Sauce