Zucchini Mustard Chicken Burgers

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

This low GI recipe has been adapted from a recipe in Michelle Trute's 'cooking with conscience book 2' which focuses on low-fat, low GI, easily prepared food. In making this, I processed the garlic and zucchini and used a small amount of oil to panfry the patties in a non-stick pan, and added a dollop of tzaziki on top of the burgers. Zaar would not allow me to include tzatziki as an ingredient, so I've included Greek yoghurt which is what I'd use if I had no tzatziki on hand. If you haven't tried Greek yoghurt before, it's much creamier than other yoghurts. And if you want a good recipe for tzatziki, I recommend Ravenseyes’ Tzatziki or Kittencal's Tzatziki (Greek Cucumber and Yogurt Salad). 160 grams of ground chicken = just over 5 ounces of ground chicken.

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  1. Mix the chicken, egg white, mustard, paprika, chopped parsley, garlic and grated zucchini in a bowl; add salt and pepper to taste (if using) and shape the chicken mixture into two patties; wipe the grill or oven tray (whichever you are using) with the oil and cook on the grill for 5 minutes or place on a tray and bake in a moderate oven for 10 minutes (180°C/350°-375°F/4-5 gas mark).
  2. Toast the buns, divide the salad greens or baby spinach leaves, sliced tomato and cucumber slices inside each of the rolls; add salt and pepper, to taste (if using); top with the chicken patties and add a dollop of Greek yoghurt (if using).
Most Helpful

Delicious and oh so moist. I used ground white meat turkey instead of chicken. I wasn't sure if the mustard was prepared mustard or dry mustard so dry mustard was used. These are well flavored and even though a little wet, they hold together well. These were served on sliced whole wheat bread topped with yogurt as suggested. Made for *ZWT 5*

PaulaG May 15, 2009

These were so moist! A big improvement to dry chicken breast. I doubled the recipe, no problem. I followed the other posters' suggestions to squeeze out the moisture from the zucchini- it definitely would have been too much without that step. I used honey mustard in the burgers and put more on top in place of the tzatziki, as I don't like cucumbers. Yummy! Made for Please Review My Recipe.

scfl76 April 01, 2009

This makes for a tasty burger.I thought that I had messed this up,as despite having squeezed all of the moisture out of my zucchini,my mixture was quite sloppy and wet.They didn't really hold together as a patty before cooking (I shaped them on a baking tray and left them on it to cook them)but when cooked held together beautifully.We enjoyed these.The children were a bit sceptical as they could see the green of the zucchini,but after I told them what it was,they were fine (I'm lucky,they both love their veggies!). Thanks BlueMoon for yet another tasty meal!!

Noo February 23, 2009