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This bread turned out fantastic. I was looking for a carrot bread recipe, found this, then discovered there were not carrots in the house! I used all zuchinni. The texture was fabulous. I was able to slice it thin without it crumbling on me which is great on my eating plan. The texture is dense enough for our summer BLTs and just tomato and mayo sandwiches. I agree about the cloves - I'll leave them in if using for French toast to spread nut butter on. I also think the addition of herbs would be great for other sandwich fillings. It's versitile enough to make those little substitutions without altering the intended outcome. Oh, I admit, I took away a little flour and added a few tablespoons of ground golden flax. This is going to be my first choice for "everyday" bread. Thank you so much for posting. I can't wait to try it with the carrots. -Granny Moses

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Granny Moses May 25, 2010

I should have left out the cloves. It baked up great. I would make this again, just not with the cinnamon and cloves. I might even consider making it more into a garlic/herb type bread. We will try this out as french toast in the morning.

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minneapplegirl March 03, 2009

This turned into a mighty nice loaf of bread. It raised so high it almost lifted the lid on my bread machine. I double up on zuchinni and left out the carrot. I also cooked it on the dark setting. A nice cinnamony loaf that is not too sweet. This will make nice toast for breakfast. I will make this again a keeper in my book! Thank you for submitting this recipe.

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:)Shirl(: July 23, 2008

I don't know what happened. This did NOT work out for me. My bread collapsed and was way too dense to eat. I won't put any stars b/c I'm sure I did something wrong, but I don't know what. Sorry!

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dicentra May 07, 2007
Zucchini-Carrot Bread (Bread Machine)