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This recipe was a hit with the fam! Since a couple of the reviews mentioned that it might need a little more flavor, I adjusted the recipe as follows:<br/>1 tsp Tajin ( Mexican Seasoning)<br/>14 oz can diced tomatoes with jalapeño peppers (I drained the liquid from the tomatoes into a measuring cup and then added water to the 1/2 cup mark)<br/><br/>I served this over rice and sprinkled some Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese on each serving.

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OddSpirit July 11, 2014

This was good but as others have mentioned, it's a little bland. I consider recipes to be a guideline; not necessarily written in stone, change it to your liking, everyone has different tastes guideline. So I added more, lots more garlic! Added more oregano, dash of dried basil and about 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar. I served this over brown rice. Everyone ate it and it was easy to throw together! Thank you!

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violetsareblue January 24, 2015

Extremely versatile! Have made this as directed and as my family prefers it...as lettuce wraps!! We add a can of drained low sodium black beans and change out beef for soy chorizo. Top w/a Tbsp of Monterey Jack. Zesty Lemon Quinoa and Rice by West India is a fabulous side dish to this. As this makes A LOT of food, the next day, a soup is prepared w/leftovers by adding quinoa and reduced sodium stock. Too fun. Thank you for the post!

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Tallie in Pacific NW May 20, 2015

I have made this quite a few times now. Easy, fast and yummy. I usually make mashed potatoes or rice and serve it over that. A good weeknight meal. Could probably use a little more flavor, maybe some garlic?

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w_brock October 14, 2013

I put this on a baked potato and topped it with grated parmesan and a little shredded mozzarella!
Meat, veggies, a starch and some dairy...all in one.
Fantastic recipe....wonderful fresh taste....and filling to boot.

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Tiger Jeff January 17, 2013

I made this for lunch today and everyone enjoyed it. I used a red onion, red and yellow peppers and probably 4-5 cups cubed zucchini. The dish had more flavor in it then what I thought it was going to have. Thank you for posting. New Kids On The Block 2010 tag game

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Charlotte J August 30, 2010
Zucchini Beef Skillet