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I was looking for a good way to fix zucchini and this was a great way! Thanks!

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Sharon123 October 28, 2002

This bakes up as elegant, pretty, and delicious as the chef who posted it. Thanks for sharing MG!

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Richard-NYC November 21, 2004

Really nice tasting dish. I must admit that your statement in the description about it being an "easy dish" isn't exactly accurate..... There are many steps and lots of prep work needed to pull it off. (I had no roasted red peppers, so I even had to take the time to do that!) But, it is a keeper- I'll place it in my "fancy-schmancy" file because it really is quite lovely. (I recomend sticking to the "grated" parmesan recommendation... I used shredded and it turned out a bit burned looking- still tasted great though!

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hollyfrolly August 18, 2007

An absolutely wonderful way to serve zucchini! I used an extra pepper as I like roasted peppers as well as using a little more flour to dust the zucchini as I found 2 tsp. was not enough for that quantity but otherwise made the recipe as written. My husband described this as "a taste sensation" and he's a veggie hater! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

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Irmgard July 10, 2006

I give this recipe 5 stars because it was was very tasty and made for a beautiful presentation. It was what I expected from an Emeril recipe. However, that also means it took entirely too long to make. I don't have the huge support staff he has to slice and dice and get my ingredients ready. That being said, I probably won't make this again. I did use the basic flavors of this recipe to make a lovely squash saute a few nights later: a little olive oil (not a lot like this recipe), chopped garlic and onion, red pepper, and squash sauteed until slighlty caramelized in a skillet on the stove. Took hardly any time and produced similar results. Husband even thought that it was better this way. Glad I tried this recipe though. It did make a fair number of servings and made for a fabulous potluck dish.

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Kitchen Witch Steph June 05, 2005
Zucchini and Yellow Squash Tian