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This was wonderful! A lot like the Scandinavian rouladen I grew up eating, but with a different filling. I loved the combination of the mushrooms and rye bread crumbs. I used a rye with caraway seeds in it, and the caraway added a nice flavor of its own, enough that I'd consider putting a bit of caraway seed into the gravy next time. I tied these with string, as I think that makes them easier to brown on all sides than using toothpicks. I always have dried porcini on hand, and they were definitely a plus in this dish, adding flavor to both the filling and the gravy (using the soaking liquid). For the meat, I chose thin sliced bottom round, and as noted in the recipe, I had a bit of filling left over after filling the 1.6 pounds of meat. Next time I want beef rolls, it will be tough to decide if I should use the old family recipe, or this one! Thanks for a great dinner!

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IngridH February 25, 2011

These are delicious! I got all fresh mushrooms cause I thought it would be easier, forgetting it is actually an important step. So I missed out on the liquid from the mushrooms but it was still awesome. Next time I will definitely use the dried mushrooms, I'm sure that extra mushroom flavor from the liquid would just make it even more delicious. Thanks for posting this winner!

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KLBoyle February 16, 2011

Excellent! Filling is flavorful, the rye with caraway is very nice. Grocery store here in remote Wisconsin did not have porcini but bought dried shitake and can see that it is nice ingredient to use here. TY duonyte.

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WiGal September 18, 2013

Delicious! It did take awhile to get this prepared...so next time I will make the stuffing mixture earlier in the day...I loved the broth...full of yummy mushroom flavors...this is a keeper...I have extra dried porcini mushrooms so I will be making this again...I did cut the recipe in half and now I wish I didn't...I'm sure the leftovers would be wonderful! Thanks for posting...no photo this time...battery died...but will post one when I make again...:)

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teresas March 09, 2012
Zrazai (Lithuanian Beef Rolls)