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Made for the Culinary Quest 2014 & the Agents of QUEST - This cuisine is largely a new adventure for me that I have been shy to explore, so I was mostly after something that was an ingredient-friendly easy-fix & full of flavor. After reading the comments of the prior reviewer, I decided to make 1 chg at the start of the prep. I browned the beef prior to adding the water (vs adding it to the raw meat), so the water deglazed the tasty pan drippings. Finding green bananas is never a problem here, so I was good-to-go to finish the recipe. On tasting, I still felt it needed an injection of flavor, but I had a perfect fix. I had just finished making Cilantro Pesto by 3ovens. Adding the pesto seemed to brighten & intensify all the flavors. It was yummy! Thx for sharing this recipe & inspiring me to be more adventurous. :-)

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twissis September 18, 2014

This is good. A little bland. But tasty enough & very satisfying. Easy & fairly quick, too. I *did* find green bananas. These are NOT unripe 'eating' bananas. They're more like plantains & i wish I'd gotten 1 big plantain for .25 instead of $1.80 for 2 bananas. It may be different in your neighborhood. Made for Culinary Quest 2014/Cruisin' Culinary Queens. :)

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Elmotoo August 20, 2014
Zoo-Tosopy (Paraguayan Ground Beef Stew)