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Good. This has a nice tang from the buttermilk, which I enjoyed very much, and I liked the combination of veggies. I usually am a big fan of balsamic vinegar, however in this recipe, it seemed to overpower all of the other ingredients. I did find the directions to be very clear. I needed the full 50 minutes for the rice cook time.

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HeatherFeather August 08, 2004

This might've been a good recipe. I did add 3/4 of a small jalepeno. It made the rice taste like jalepenos! It was awful! I love them but not with this! The zuchinni was mushy too. We did not like this at all- had to throw away.

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Katie Kat April 21, 2006

I served this as a side with Honey-Laquered Duck with Sour Cherry Sauce Honey-lacquered Duck With Sour Cherry Sauce. The guys were a little leary of trying it; they weren't quite sure what 'pilaf' meant...lol! I just pointed and said, 'that's a pilaf!' The color contrasts within the dish were delightful and the flavors all blended well. DH has some stomach problems so I omitted the jalapeno pepper since it was an optional ingredient. At instruction # 5, rather than reducing the heat, I transferred the contents to my rice cooker to complete the recipe as I find the rice cooker is a more passive method of cooking when I am making several dishes simultaneously.

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Cindy Lynn August 10, 2004

Very good! Good color and flavor. I made the recipe as directed without the jalapeno peppers. The zucchini got lost in the long cooking and would have been better added near the end. I liked the contrast of the red pepper flavor with the tart flavor from the buttermilk and vinegar. For some reason the rice never became really tender even after cooking for 55 minutes but we enjoyed the bit of remaining crunch. Thanks chef, we enjoyed your recipe !

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Lorac July 26, 2004

DH loved this and kept taking more and more and more! I thought it was good but seemed to be missing something in the flavor department (not sure what though and it isn't more jalapeno). I didn't have to deglaze the pan. After 55 minutes of simmering, I could see that there was still a lot of liquid. I took off the lid, added the peas and let it simmer uncovered to get rid of the liquid. Next time I would add some more of the vegetables and not add the peas until right before serving since they turn the ugly green after sitting for 10 minutes or so. All in all, a good recipe.

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Ducky July 23, 2004

I was intrigued by the use of buttermilk in this recipe. I was very impressed with the resulting dish. It has a slightly tart but mildly spicy taste that is very pleasing. I thought this was a good use of contest ingredients!! I did have to add almost a cup of additional stock and increase the cooking time to get the rice tender, but that could have been the brand of brown rice I used. Good Job.

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Susie D July 19, 2004
Zippy Brown Rice Pilaf