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This is the Holy Grail!! I used to live in Ann Arbor and worshipped this dressing, finally they gave us their secret!!! It's The Greatest you will ever have, period.

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Steve G. December 02, 2013

Great dressing with the perfect bite and tang from the spices. A lot of flavors going on with this dressing, went perfect with our Ruben Sandwiches last night and going to try it on a salad tonight. Love the chili sauce instead of ketchup which is one of those things I don't really care for.

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Bonnie G #2 October 18, 2013

This is the best Russian Dressing ever. I needed a Russian Dressing for some Ruben's I was making for my neighbor and his wife. My neighbor, runs a famous deli here in the state, one of a big chain. Notice, I am not giving any identifying info here. He supplied the Corned Beef, I supplied the cooking skill. My wife dislikes Ruben's but she consented to this meal because she wanted to please me, a Ruben fanatic. I cooked the pastrami in my pressure cooker, the best way to cook it. Beats steaming by far. I used Zingerman's recipe for the Russian Dressing. Used thin sliced Jarlsberg cheese instead of Swiss. Bingo, a hit with my wife and my neighbors. The best ever Rubens. The dressing was so good, everyone wanted more. In fact, my wife uses it as a salad dressing for her dinner salads. This is a great all around dressing too. We loved it because it used Chili Sauce to replace ketchup in regular run of the mill Russian Dressings. Again, this is a hit! Don't take it from me take it from my neighbor, a deli professional.

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Chef BobO August 31, 2013
Zingerman's Russian Dressing (For Ruben Sandwiches)