Zingerman's Russian Dressing (For Ruben Sandwiches)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Make your Ruben sandwiches any way you wish...corned beef, pastrami, etc. on Jewish rye bread, but just make sure you use this dressing.

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  1. Combine all ingredients and whisk together.
Most Helpful

This is the Holy Grail!! I used to live in Ann Arbor and worshipped this dressing, finally they gave us their secret!!! It's The Greatest you will ever have, period.

Steve G. December 02, 2013

Great dressing with the perfect bite and tang from the spices. A lot of flavors going on with this dressing, went perfect with our Ruben Sandwiches last night and going to try it on a salad tonight. Love the chili sauce instead of ketchup which is one of those things I don't really care for.

Bonnie G #2 October 18, 2013

This is the best Russian Dressing ever. I needed a Russian Dressing for some Ruben's I was making for my neighbor and his wife. My neighbor, runs a famous deli here in the state, one of a big chain. Notice, I am not giving any identifying info here. He supplied the Corned Beef, I supplied the cooking skill. My wife dislikes Ruben's but she consented to this meal because she wanted to please me, a Ruben fanatic. I cooked the pastrami in my pressure cooker, the best way to cook it. Beats steaming by far. I used Zingerman's recipe for the Russian Dressing. Used thin sliced Jarlsberg cheese instead of Swiss. Bingo, a hit with my wife and my neighbors. The best ever Rubens. The dressing was so good, everyone wanted more. In fact, my wife uses it as a salad dressing for her dinner salads. This is a great all around dressing too. We loved it because it used Chili Sauce to replace ketchup in regular run of the mill Russian Dressings. Again, this is a hit! Don't take it from me take it from my neighbor, a deli professional.

Chef BobO August 31, 2013