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This is the kind of sandwich I love, with such a variety of ingredients. I've eaten sweet potato as a sandwich spread but never carrot - what an excellent idea! I did make a few changes. I used pitta bread and sliced baked tofu and didn't cook the onions. Instead I add 2 tsp. each of the spices to the mashed carrot (which made it HOT) and spread one side of the pitta pocket with a little wholegrain mustard. I also used a mix of alfalfa and broccoli sprouts. I doubled the recipe to make sandwiches for my family and all those whose opinion in this matter counts, enjoyed it immensely. I think the orange juice is a touch of genius, so beautifully does it balance the heat of the spices and bring out the sweetness of the carrots. To top it all it was very easy to make though there are so many ingredients when I had them all at hand. Most certainly will I make this again. Thank you very much Jessica.

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Goldcrest November 05, 2007
Zesty Tofu and Roasted Vidalia Sandwich W/ Spicy Sunshine Spread