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WOW! This is a very nice salsa to can. I did only use about 3/4 c of seeded jalepeno's and it was Z-E-S-T-Y! Maybe my crop is just hot. The only thing I might add is that when I shared my salsa with a veteral canner (this is the first time I have canned) she stated that I should have skinned the tomatoes by dipping the whole tomatoes in boiling water then chilled water and removing the skins. The only effect leaving them on had was I have some curled skin in my salsa but hey next time I will know to do that.....live and learn. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.

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Petdrwife August 20, 2005

I am not a fan of canned salsa (I like fresh), but this recipe is great! I had about a half a cup left after canning. When I tasted that I thought it tasted too vinegary, but 2-3 weeks later, we opened a jar, and it was awesome. I thought this would be the salsa we would eat over the winter. I am not sure it will last till then! Obviously you can change this recipe to your taste. I agree with others that posted, the paste brings it all together! I would not make it without it! Thanks for the post!

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Dad the cook September 27, 2011

Very good and so easy! Thank you for posting :) Followed your recipe (with a few exceptions), let simmer for about 90 mins. and this made 6 pints of thick, zesty salsa. We used mild jalepenos from our garden and the flavor was fantastic. A little kick, but tasty. We did peel the tomatoes and used white vinegar instead of the apple cider vinegar and added about 3 T. of sugar. For the bell peppers, we used a combination of red, yellow, orange and green -- everything was fresh from the garden and what we had on hand. Word of caution: wear gloves when working with jalepenos.

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dunnylou July 03, 2011

I've made this two years in a row, and it's terrific. Here are three things I've learned:

1) I'm surprised at how sweet it is without adding sugar. It's not too sweet, but I was just surprised.

2) I don't know who could/would eat this with all the suggested jalapenos. Seriously hot. HOT HOT. Perhaps my jalapenos are just really strong? I use less than half of the jalapenos because I don't like mine hot, and it's still a bit spicy, especially in the aftertaste.

3) The mixture will be thicker than it seems. Both times I thought it would be too watery and that I should let it simmer for a really long time, but I'm impatient and after 20-25 minutes of low simmering, I add the paste and it's just fine. The consistency is the same as store-bought salsa (but tastier and w/o added sugar--check the labels).

I'm enjoying mine right now on some huevos rancheros. Yum! You won't be disappointed with this!

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NC Gardener July 22, 2012

Great salsa! We used green and yellow bell peppers and jalepenos too. Other additions were lime juice, tobasco sauce and red pepper flakes just as a personal preference. The longer it rested, the better it tasted.

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ARathkamp January 17, 2010

This is a very simple, tasty recipe, and it was a great use for our garden veggies & imperfect tomatoes. I just wish I didn't listen to the other reviewers. I only added about a cup of hot peppers because so many people said this recipe was too spicy. We ended up with mild salsa. I also peeled my tomatoes, threw them on a baking sheet and in the oven for a few minutes and the skins came right off, then I put them in a bowl and hand crushed them rather than chopping them up.

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kristina925 September 01, 2013

I make this every year, good recipe originally from Ball Canning website--I use bottled lemon and lime juice instead of the vinegar, to add up to the originally measure of vinegar. I think the vinegar can be a little strong. Only other thing I do different is a little more sugar, I like the combination of hot and sweet flavor, especially if I use a lot of really hot peppers.

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linka23 August 19, 2013

This is my first review. I am new to canning and this is the first salsa I've made. I followed the recipe with the following exceptions. I only used four cups of onions because of personal preference. I also only used four cups of bell peppers. I used 2.5 cups of peppers though. I prefer heat. I used 4 habaneros, 4 Serrano, and the rest were jalapenos. I added some cumin. I used all fresh roma tomatos I picked up at a local farm.

When I first put this into the pot, I was worried that I'd just made the biggest batch of pico de gallo I'd ever seen. But as it cooked a while, it began to smell more like salsa and less like chopped onion soup. I was still quite nervous because it just wasn't what I was expecting. I cooked mine for quite a while because raw onions don't set well with me. I can eat cooked onions but hate raw onions. So I let it simmer on the stove for a full 90 minutes.
As I scooped it into my pint jars, I saw that it was not as liquid as I prefer, most likely because I cooked it down so long. It was a bit chunkier than I expected. I used my ladle to crush the tomatos a bit to make it more scoopable. I also added two ladels of water to the pot.

I ended up with 7 pint jars and two 4oz jelly jars of salsa that reminds me of Pace Picante Sauce in color and texture. I wish it were a brighter red. Perhaps it's the Roma tomatos or the orange bell pepper and cumin that makes it a less bright red than I am used to. I can't be sure since it's my first time.

It does taste very tangy from the vinegar. I hope the reviewers who said it mellowed in time are correct. I planned ahead for taste testing - that's the reason I canned a couple of 4 oz jars. I want to test it in a couple of week, and again if it needs more time.

Although this is good, it's not the best salsa I've ever tasted. I am counting on it improving with time so I've given it a 4 star rating when I feel it is only average "for now". I think my next attempt will be a salsa with lime juice instead of the vinegar. This was very time consuming with all the prep chopping by hand. I will be looking for some sort of gadget for chopping before I tackle the next recipe.

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jenaijenai July 20, 2012

Great salsa. I ususally avoid salsa recipes with vinegar, just not to my taste, but with a pile of tomatoes and farmers market peppers, I needed to do some canning. This recipe is the best canning salsa recipe I have found thus far. I used a mix of roma and regular tomatoes, a mix of red and green bell peppers, along with 2 habaneros, 2 jalapenos, 3 cherry bombs and two anaheims. It has a kick! I realized at the end of the cooking process, my can of tomato paste was nowhere to be found, so subbed a can of tomato sauce, and still tastes great. Love this recipe, just hope I can recreate it next summer with my funky mix of peppers! Got 6 pints with a bit left over. Thanks so much for posting.

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GIBride01 September 14, 2011

This recipe is very similar to my recipe with the exception of the cilantro and paste...We some how lost my recipe when we were ready to actually cook it so I had to find one that had little to no spices in it and decided to try this one. The aroma filled the house and smelled so yummy. I didn't have cilantro so I used parsley and I added one 15 oz can of tomato sauce because it was accidentally opened. I think it turned out well...thank you for sharing...

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April1 September 09, 2011
Zesty Salsa for Canning